Playtoy musicians involve children “on” and “off” stage

Everywhere in the world, the PTO encourages local institutions and  all private bodies involved in the organization of their shows, to support their ethical initiatives, such as extra Playtoy shows in pediatric hospitals and orphanages and the gathering of toys for disadvantaged children.
Through the “Offer-A-Toy” initiative, the PTO invites the audience to bring to theatre a new or used-but-perfectly-functioning toy that will be devolved to those children who have been ripped of the “fundamental right to play” due to economic and family reasons. This initiative always achieves resounding success. All families with their kids immediately get involved without hesitation! In Tunisia, in 2012, the number of toys gathered was so big, operators had to load a huge track to transport them to the Kasserine Orphanage.
The same happened in many other locations of the world, such as Lisbon (Portugal), Bogotà (Colombia), Seoul (South Korea), Palermo (Italia), Vicenza (Italia).

Why charity ?

The founder and director of the PTO, Fabrizio Cusani, talks about the reasons of the band’s commitment to disadvantaged children’s cause.
“We surround ourselves of toys and other reminders of our childhood, because childhood should be a season of freedom, openness and happiness for all children. Our project aims at maintaining this approach to life all through adulthood. We take a lot from the world of children to create our show. Our charity initiatives are just our way to give children something in return: we inspire the feeling of empathy and solidarity in the kids who offer their toys, and in the meantime we help disadvantaged children to keep feeling “children” at heart, in spite of their problems”.